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luxury home decor

Welcome to Letty Blu!

Want to know what lights us up? Helping you embrace and celebrate your authentic beautiful self. We believe your personal style is one key component to doing just that! Here at Letty Blu, we provide you with the highest quality of hand-selected items that will celebrate who you really are

Our Story

My daughter, Charlotte, or “Letty” we call her, has been my inspiration for living my life to its fullest and chasing my dreams. After she was born, I knew I couldn't work a traditional 9-5 job anymore. I wanted freedom and quality time to spend with my family. That's when I took a leap and started my home design and staging business. Letty Blu is the natural extension of this business and we are approaching it with the same spirit of adventure and moxie that our girl Letty shows us every day. 

While traveling alone to my first international furnishings market experience,  my inspiration of starting something larger than home staging and interior design was sparkedOne evening while sleeping soundly in my blissfully quiet hotel room I had a vivid dream and woke up with an idea. A BIG idea.  A big idea with the perfect name - Letty Blu.

At Letty Blu you will find casual, refined but luxurious home decor. Our hand-selected designs are inspired by Earth's natural elements. We strive to enhance your home with a balance of neutral and vibrant colors along with texture-rich feature pieces that are uniquely yours.

We believe home should be your favorite place to retreat, to gather, and to live well every day. 

Letty Blu is so much more than beautiful home decor - it is who we are. It celebrates our authentic, unique selves. 

Beautiful, natural, and raw.