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What is a Mud Cloth?

Mud cloth might be the new trend, but it is certainly not new.

This global textile has been dotting stylish homes for years now, and if you’re scratching your head in confused and wondering if it is some sort of blanket, you are not alone.

what are mud cloths

So what exactly are they?

A mud cloth is a centuries-old, hand-dyed textile art that originated in West Africa with the women of Mali’s Bamana culture, according to the SmithsonianTraditionally, it involves coarse, hand-spun cotton strips going through a two to three week of dyeing processes—first in a bath with leaves and branches, then numerous dye cycles in fermented mud. Once they are dyed, patterns are drawn upon them that are rich in meaning and history.

These gorgeous fabrics have become more sought out and can be found in home designs and decor. Plus, they work everywhere from shower curtains to accent pillows.

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